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Reality Check No. Reality Check No. 2. "Limited Editions" --"Commemoratives” --"Anniversary Models": These klaxons declare that the models were created to be collected by collectors, rather than civilians who are less interested in exclusivity. These klaxons warn that these pieces of deliberately limited production will be auction-bound one day.

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The Omega watch will be a key part of future historians' understanding of Omega's appeal. It demonstrated how desirable limited editions can be, especially when sold online and targeted at enthusiasts. This model was produced in 2017 in honor of a half-decade of support from the #SpeedyTuesday online community. It featured "radially-numbered" sub-dials in black, giving it a "reverse panda look" and other details almost secretive from Speedmaster's past, such as the Alaska Projects. In honour of the year that the group was founded, 2012 was the only year it was made. All were sold within four hours. The second-hand market was almost instantaneously flooded with them.

Omega released the 2018 "Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission, which gave humans a first-person view of the dark side of the Moon.

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The 2018 "Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8" Speedmaster is perhaps the most remarkable of all the Dark Side case Corum replica (ref. 311. This model was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary Apollo 8 mission. It featured the Dark Side 44.25 Ceramic case, a racing-style seconds track and an amazing Calibre 1861. All plates and bridges were laser ablated with a photo realistic interpretation of the moon's surface. Then,U-Boat replica watches they were treated in black to resemble the Apollo 8 astronauts who, for the first time in human history, orbited the dark side. The beauty of the chronograph's work in brushed steel is striking in contrast to its black plates and bridges was what made this watch so special.